Some sunny feedback from my clients & co-collaborators:


"So great working with you. Thanks so much, you were an amazing Producer and a total lifesaver on this tough job!! Look forward to the next one, hopefully very soon."                 

Genevieve Sheppard, Head of Production, B-Reel Films


"Emily is a great Production Manager, she is diligent, enthusiastic and completely trust worthy. She's production managed a couple of my jobs and has always had my back. When Emily is on board I know that I can leave the day to day production tasks and running of the budget to her to allow me to concentrate on the agency and director. I value her energy, charm and bubbly personality hugely."

Tess Mitchell, Producer, Rattling Stick


"Emily is hands down one of the best producers I've ever worked with. Her professionalism, attention to detail and communication on every project has always allowed me to produce creative work to a much higher level. Nothing is ever too much trouble and any queries I may have are always dealt with extremely efficiently. It is always a great pleasure to work with Emily and she therefore comes highly recommended."

Tim Porter, Motion Designer, Digital Odyssey


"Emily, I wanted to thank you personally. I am so impressed by the way that you not only produce our films, but the way that you manage us and look after us. I believe that the whole point of film is to leave the viewer with an emotion, to give the viewer a sense of the business beyond the facts. These films you have made certainly do that. Beautifully. Thank you for all your great work."

Nigel Prideaux, Group Communications Director, Aviva


"Emily is a highly creative and ambitious producer who has a real passion for what she does.
Having collaborated with her on a variety of productions over the past 3 years I have gained a first-hand understanding of what makes her so good at what she does: thorough organisation, planning and foresight come incredibly naturally to her which is a hugely important attribute for a producer. Her productions always run extremely smoothly with all eventualities thought of and prepared for.
Secondly, her commitment to visual storytelling is incredibly solid. She is always open to, and in fact encourages experimenting with new techniques and ideas, and trying new equipment in order to visually enhance the narrative. This combined with the fact that she has a good technical understanding allowing her to give pertinent direction, ensures that her productions are always extremely well received, and are a pleasure to be a part of."

Andreas Neo, Director of Photography,


"I've hired Emily several times over the past couple of years to deliver digital videos for my African banking client and for a world famous jewellery brand. It is to be expected that she is a master of her trade and understands the technicalities.
She does however have a broader communications background and this I think sets her apart from the rest in that she is able to offer wider counsel on the leveraging the video product, and often delivers value-added services in terms of managing complex connections and uploading, and linking through to national and international broadcast news agencies.
I have been particularly impressed with her ability very quickly to pull together a storyboard treatment, and to edit a number of what seem to be diverse soundbites into an impressive mini-film. And it is always delivered on time, and in good humour. I no longer go anywhere else, and I'd recommend her to anyone."

Duncan Mackenzie-Reid, Partner, College Hill