AdCan Awards - We Are Shortlisted!

I was absolutely delighted to receive notification that the entry I wrote and produced for the inaugural AdCan Awards ( has been shortlisted for an Award. 

To receive this news just 24 hours after announcing my intention to become a Freelance Producer feels like a wonderful omen!

The new initiative, predominantly sponsored by Partizan, Rattling Stick and Nexus, is a vehicle for young talent to emerge, whilst also benefiting very worthy causes (namely charities who need creative, quality TVCs but who don't have the available budget to commission such productions) so it's fantastic to have been recognised for our entry. 

I specifically wrote a script that would challenge me from a production perspective: all the action was set outdoors (which considering filming was set to take place in the UK over May Bank Holiday was a gutsy plan!), our lead role was to be played by a 6 year old boy with no film experience (but an enthusiastic amateur dramatic according to his mum!), and the Director suggested a scene with a pack of dogs would really enhance the narrative (to which I agreed!?). Embarking (excuse the pun!) on securing a pack of dogs for a no-budget short was intense. The usual bartering tool of "we're shooting it on a Red Epic - it'll be great for your showreel" doesn't really hold much weight with canines...! But the pieces all fell in to place and not only did the shoot go really well, we even wrapped 10 minutes early!

The film is strictly private until the winners are announced so we all have our fingers crossed for the Awards Ceremony on 7th August......