Going It Alone....

After eight and a half years working in full time contracted work, initially in Consumer PR, then as a Producer in a corporate and online production studio, I have decided I am ready for a change, raring for a new challenge, and so am going to brave it alone.

It's definitely not been a rash decision, in fact I started researching and initiating meetings with people almost 5 months ago, but now that I have officially tendered my resignation, it feels like D-Day (AKA the first Monday morning I wake up and DON'T trudge to the tube, shell out £45 for the weekly privilege of sweaty, intimate stranger-armpit-time, but rather have a nice lie in, a cup of tea whilst strolling around the garden) is approaching VERY fast and the learning curve feels very steep!

I was quite a nerd at school so can say with conviction that I didn't sleep through the class that outlines the pros and cons of limited companies vs. sole traders, or the one that explained tax returns....but, happily, all seems to be falling in to place piece by piece. 

As a true Scott's lassie I'm certainly not alone in saying the countdown to independence is ON!